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Know What Your Competitors Will Do, Before They Do It.

Augustus Hall Limited’s unique and actionable competitive intelligence solutions will arm your organization with strategic advantages to over your rivals.

Winning Requires a Competitive Advantage

With little room left for differentiation on product or price, companies have turned their focus to the customer experience. The business case is clear. The ability to consistently deliver a superior customer experience leads to loyalty, advocacy, long-term growth and increased market share.

Actionable Competitive Intelligence is Imperative

Customer-focused companies that are consistently at the top of their industry embrace competitive intelligence as a critical tool in planning and decision-making. They understand that a superior system for gathering and utilizing competitive intelligence allows them to:

  • Understand the most important elements in the customer experience
  • Anticipate, pre-empt, and react to competitors’ actions
  • Strategically focus training and resources on areas that have relatively strong impacts on customer loyalty and where they underperform compared to the competition
  • Identify innovative best practices

Competitive Mystery Shops

Augustus Hall Limited manages a field force of over 6,000 mystery shoppers in more than 28 states throughout Nigeria. Our shoppers are extensively trained to engage front-line sales personnel with specific sales scenarios and objectively assess performance on key customer experience attributes.

Comprehensive Program Design

The success of any competitive intelligence program is largely dependent on the quality of the work done before program implementation. At this critical time, Augustus Hall Limited becomes an ideal partner through our steadfast commitment to thoroughly understand each client’s unique needs—and our ability to draw on proprietary methodologies measuring the customer-experience with clients. Among other objectives, the program design stage seeks to:

  • Identify and model the key components of the customer experience in your industry.
  • Determine what the delight-driving behaviors that create loyalty and advocacy look and sound like.
  • Develop a sophisticated, behavior-based survey.
  • Identify which competitors should be targeted for intelligence-gathering, such as industry leaders, top rivals, new entrants, growing rivals, etc.

What is Measured During Competitive Mystery Shops (Examples)

  • Dimensions of Service Quality
  • Relationship Building Behaviors
  • Sales Techniques / Approaches
  • Cross Selling / Up-Selling
  • Phone SkillsPhone Skills
  • Internal Atmosphere
  • External Physical Environment
  • Sales / Product Promotions
  • Staffing Levels
  • Customer Traffic
  • Pricing Information
  • Comments about your company

Program Implementation/Gathering Competitive Intelligence

Before we execute a single competitive mystery shop, we select the right shopper for your program and train and certify those shoppers to fully understand the scenarios they will be using and the customer experience dimensions they will be scoring.

As shops are executed, we leverage our staff of Quality Editors who are trained and certified on a client-by-client basis and scrutinize every score and every word our shoppers provide.