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Consumer Debt Collection


There’s a smart way to go about business, especially important when economic times are difficult and circumstances are sensitive. Special collections solutions are essential for all consumer credit services providers in securing prompt payment.

Augustus Hall Limited has proven and refined collection techniques for collecting debt, allowing businesses to benefit from the fast recovery of cash into their organisations. An uncertain economic climate impacts on all consumer credit services providers in particular; as consumers feel the squeeze and as a result arrears increase.

As consumers face this increased personal debt, a much more targeted, strategic and smarter approach to debt recovery is required.
After evaluating your details we can provide you with the right services and advice to make a real difference to your collections performance.
A customer who can’t or won’t pay can cause short and long term damage. First, the short-term pain of coping with reduced cash-flow. Next the aftershocks as you are forced to pay your suppliers late damaging your relations with them and incurring late payment interest.

Consider too your bank’s reaction. Just when you need their support you begin to face tighter borrowing restrictions, spiraling into an even deeper cash-flow crisis.

You could be forced to borrow elsewhere on exorbitant terms. Cost cutting brings greater misery as you lay off loyal staff whose skills you really need to make a full recovery.

In the worst case, where the bad debt is large it could spell insolvency proceedings.
Our Consumer Collections will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

The Right Combination for our Consumer Collection results -

Tailor-made services

We have the resources to offer bespoke services to clients, including confidential telephone collections and recovery of product where appropriate.

Trace capabilities

A full letter and telephone trace service is provided to our clients as part of our consumer collections package. Using a number of innovative tools we are able to locate and trace debtors that have moved away or changed telephone numbers.

Ethical working practices

Everyone in our teams works within professional ethics, regulatory guidelines, and adheres to industry codes of conduct.

Fairer collection fees

Our debt recovery services typically work on a “no success, no fee” commission basis, or a “no trace, no fee” basis. It means we only get rewarded for successful recoveries or traces. With Augustus Hall Limited you can count on our resources and expertise for the fast, no fuss recovery of cash into your organisation – even in an increasingly difficult economic climate.