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Business Intelligence


Getting the right information at the right time can mean the difference between an organization’s success and failure.

Whether probing a competitor’s operational advantage, assessing the attitudes of a regulator or local politician to a proposed merger or new factory, or evaluating the quality of a company’s relationships, clients turn to Augustus Hall Limited for reliable, actionable intelligence. As companies search and compete for growth opportunities, they face new challenges such as operating in unfamiliar economic, political, business and legal environments, complying with local regulations and coping with unstable markets.

Augustus Hall Limited provides strategic insight into operational risk issues by combining investigative capabilities and primary source research with unsurpassed analytical skills to allow its clients to understand the risks and rewards of new opportunities.

We are uniquely positioned to help organizations understand, assess and respond to risk and take advantage of promising opportunities.

Under our Business Intelligence service, we have the following:

Market Entry

Entry into new and unfamiliar markets can stretch resources and expose a company to unexpected risks, which might not only thwart a successful market entry, but damage a company’s global reputation.

Augustus Hall Limited can help navigate the unchartered territories by anticipating risks and providing guidance. Using our preeminent source network, Augustus Hall Limited provides greater depth of analysis and insight than is available only through publicly available sources.

We have an unmatched understanding of the information that is accessible in-country, its relative accuracy and reliability and the frequently delicate balance between politics and business.

Our framework for conducting market entry strategy is based on our unique access to relevant information.  We focus on a whole range of factors such as mapping the competitive landscape, identifying and reviewing potential partners, and so on as the list is endless. In some markets, the influence of criminal elements or unethical practices can significantly hinder a company’s ambitions, causing long-term financial and reputational damage.  Our local experts have the knowledge and insight to identify potential links between a planned investment and illegal elements. Once the risks are identified, we will work with the client to develop operational procedures to manage them.

Competitor Intelligence

Whether competing in a mature market with established players or entering an emerging market with unknown local players, a company’s success often depends on understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of the competition.

Augustus Hall Limited gathers strategic intelligence that helps our clients obtain an edge in competitive markets. We combine experience across a multitude of industries with our investigative reach to accurately assess the competitive environment in which our clients operate.

We can identify a competitor’s key levers for success, some of which may constitute unfair advantages, such as political relationships, government subsidies, market restricting practices or even fraud. We can also identify legitimate best practices in a competitor’s supply chain that may result in higher profitability or cheaper products.

When clients want to identify acquisition targets or joint venture partners, they come to Augustus Hall Limited to map the competitive landscape. Often and especially in most cases, our clients want to understand the source of their competitors’ influence within government, regulatory bodies, and so on. We maintain the highest ethical and legal standards while conducting our research. The result is actionable intelligence on which to base strategic and tactical decisions.

Commercial Due Diligence

Traditional commercial due diligence looks at an entity’s projected performance in the context of the market and competitive landscape.

However, commercial due diligence alone may not be sufficient for making investment decisions in some opaque business sectors or in emerging or frontier markets where reliable information may be scarce.  Augustus Hall Limited combines commercial due diligence with political risk assessment and reputational risk assessment to offer clients a unique integrated approach to investment due diligence.

Augustus Hall Limited’s integrated approach merges commercial due diligence with our unmatched ability to reveal undisclosed liabilities, such as the subject’s history of corruption and bribery, the reputation of the company and its principals, the relationship and influence of political ties, providing investors with an accurate and true assessment.

By combining our analytical commercial due diligence techniques with high-level information-gathering, Augustus Hall Limited’s reports provide context to forecasts for sales growth, incorporating a variety of potential scenarios which are based on an understanding of political or integrity issues in addition to purely commercial ones.