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Our field and data processing teams provide quality data collection and processing for many overseas research agencies, including other global players. We have our teams of interviewers who can cover both urban and rural areas within Nigeria.

We have our own trained interviewing teams who collect data through all mediums. Our consumer-friendly name and growing brand awareness among consumers ensures quality for our Clients and trust from the consumers that we interview or collect data from.

We assist our Clients in choosing the most appropriate method for sampling and interviewing to suit their purpose and ensure Clients know the pros and cons of each methodology.

Face to Face Interviews

We retain our own team of reliable and trained interviewers to cover Nigeria. We also have a reliable team based for the growing number of clients who conduct research in these locations. Face-to-face can be conducted through street intercept, using quota sampling, or house-to-house with pure random sampling, or Central Locations.

Self-Complete/Mail Surveys

Occasionally, our Clients have a need for surveys that are self-completed by Customers or potential Customers,
and returned by post or central collection. We can provide our Clients with a complete service from mailing out
and name list management to the collection and data processing of any self-completed questionnaires.

Online Surveys

We can provide our Clients with hosted online surveys or use a panel of Customers to invite them to take part in short surveys online. Your Customers can even be invited to take an online survey at their leisure, with the promise of reward at the end of it. This method is perfect for targeting high-income shoppers or very niche consumers who would otherwise be hard to find for an interview. Your sales staff simply asks the target shopper to visit the unique URL that is provided in order to give their quick feedback, and able to focus on any specific product or service this Customer has experienced.

Comment Cards & Comment Box

All of us have seen the comment boxes that are placed in restaurants, shops & hotels around the world. This is something that most businesses conduct themselves, but we offer a new and fresh approach to analysing and reporting on the traditional DIY comment cards within a business. We not only help to save on your own staff resource but bring our professional and experienced approach to the reports.

Customers place completed cards into our sealed and branded Comment Box; our staff collects the comment cards weekly (untouched by store staff and with no cards removed!), process the data and send weekly reports. These reports will be unbiased, professional and add more insight than a company currently obtains using an old-fashioned internal approach. This option can also be used to collect returned surveys from your own Customers, handed out to them and completed at leisure in their own home, then on their return to your shop they are slipped into our bright and tasteful Comment Boxes placed within your retail areas.