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Debt Mediation


Due to economic circumstances and credit company practices, many are becoming overwhelmed in dealing with credit debts, medical bills, and other forms of unsecured debt. You’re not alone and the reasons are many – loss of job, medical problems, divorce, cut back in hours worked and creditor companies changing your interest rate or terms are just some of the reasons consumers are falling behind.

With years of combined experience in mediating debt for our customers, our team of knowledgeable Credit Specialists, Debt Analysts, Advisors and Negotiators who have experience dealing with personal and commercial debt will provide you with facts that will help you make informed decisions and also support you.

Our Debt Mediation Services can be helpful in the following scenarios:

  • Debt Settlement
  • Meetings of Creditors Service
  • Escalated Situations Mediation
  • Conflict of Interests Mediation
  • Contract Handling /Performance /Delivery Defaults
  • Dispute /Query Resolution in:
    • Commercial Credit
    • Consumer Credit
    • Trade Credit
    • Debt Financing Arrangements

Our Debt Mediation

Our Debt Mediation is a viable alternative to other debt management programs and we are a leading provider Nigeria. Our solutions have been time-tested by many of our successful clients.

Consumers need an honest means of dealing with their credit problems efficiently while maintaining their financial integrity. Debt mediation involves a personalized budgeting plan that will effectively enable a Debt Negotiator to negotiate a compromise with creditors that actually resolves the debt for less than the outstanding balance.

Once the creditor and debt negotiator agree on a reduced balance, it will be viewed as settled with a zero balance for less than the full amount.

Why Augustus Hall Limited?

Because debt is cumulative and can rapidly snowball into much larger amounts, we will work together with you as a team to help reach a fair discount off what you owe; hence reach a settlement. In order for you to be successful in our debt mediation programs, you will have to stay dedicated to your goal of becoming debt free. You will need to be disciplined with your budget, educated about your debt mediation program, save funds and have patience while your funds build towards the debt resolution.

It’s good that consumers have choices available to them when facing their debts, from counseling to debt settlements. But options like settlements carry many risks that should be weighed carefully before going forward. We at Augustus Hall Limited truly care about our clients’ and so we will discuss these various risks thoroughly with new clients before they do anything else.

We pick an account to mediate based on the following criteria:

  • Severity of collection efforts.
  • Balance of account.
  • How much you have saved.
  • How low a certain creditor is willing to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Augustus Hall Limited have to offer me in debt mediation?

Augustus Hall Limited has one priority and that is client satisfaction. With years of experience under our belts, our team of Debt Negotiators has built trusting relationships with creditors, proving we successfully resolve our clients’ debt time and again. We recognize each individual’s situation is unique, and we take every detail into consideration when planning a personalized plan that works in conjunction with your budget.

How do I get started?

Getting started is as easy as picking up the phone and calling one of our Specialists who will give you free consultation, with no obligations. We firstly explain how it works. Our enrollment process starts immediately. In most cases we work directly with your creditors so you don’t have to. Although we cannot guarantee Creditors will not call or contact you, we will work with you to manage these calls. Augustus Hall Limited will then work with you in accomplishing your goal by producing a reasonable payment plan that will cut your payments and resolve your debt for less than what you owe, in most cases. We offer our full expertise and support throughout the entire process.

How long does it take to complete the program?

We recognize that each individual’s situation is unique, and we take every detail into consideration when planning a personalized program that works in conjunction with your budget. The length of time to complete the program varies with each individual. The average client will complete the program in approximately 36 months, depending on the individual’s financial situation. We are happy at any time to discuss your concerns and questions.

What happens during my initial free consultation?

Our trained and experienced Specialists will take your situation into consideration and explain how debt mediation works. We then propose a specific plan based on your personal financial history and status. From there, your Augustus Hall Limited Advisor will guide you through the rest of the debt mediation process.

How does debt mediation differ from debt consolidation?

The names may sound alike but there is a great deal of difference. Debt consolidation programs combine all of your outstanding debt into one large new loan. You will still pay the entire principle amount of your debt plus the accumulated interest on the new loan. If you are unable to make payments, the lending institution can repossess your collateral. In contrast, debt mediation uses negotiation techniques to greatly reduce the principle amount of your debt allowing you to pay a smaller sum than you are currently paying. Typically, debt mediation takes around 36 months to complete and debt consolidation can stretch longer depending on the size and terms of the consolidation loan.

Do I have to combine all my debts, or can I pick certain debts?

The decision of mediating some or all of your debts is totally up to you. We are here to help you decide what strategies are best for you.

What kind of team do I have working for me at Augustus Hall Limited?

We build relationships with our clients based on trust and support. We know the difficulties and stress that financial problems entail. We have a team of knowledgeable Credit Specialists, Debt Analysts, Advisors and Negotiators who have experience dealing with personal and commercial debt and will provide you with facts that will help you make informed decisions. With years of combined experience in reducing and eliminating debt for our clients, our experienced team will support you and help you greatly reduce your debt.

How does debt mediation affect my credit?

That depends on what your credit looks like when you enrolled in our debt mediation program. But, in general, if you do not make payments and do not pay your creditors according to the terms of your agreement, your credit will suffer. That is one of the trade-offs you will have to make if you are serious about reducing your debt.

Does Augustus Hall Limited make monthly payments to your Creditors?

No, you are responsible for all payments to creditors. You are responsible for any payments to creditors and for saving funds to resolve your debt.

Does Augustus Hall Limited have control of my savings?

No. Augustus Hall Limited does not have any control over your savings and never acts as an intermediary when it comes to your funds. The only money we ever receive from you is our service fees. When you agree to resolve an account, we will provide you with payment instructions. We have no control of your savings.

Can Augustus Hall Limited stop collection efforts including lawsuits brought by creditors?

No, but we do have strategies on helping you manage the collection efforts.

Do late fees and interest charges stop while I am in the program?

No, the interest and fees continue to accumulate, but Augustus Hall Limited will negotiate with your original balance in mind.

Does Augustus Hall Limited contact my creditors?

Yes, at the appropriate time and once you have accumulated funds to resolve an account, we will contact your creditors to begin mediation. We can also help you when you have certain types of escalated situations with your creditors. Our Priority Account Specialists are dedicated to working with you and the creditor to resolve escalated situations.