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Intellectual Property Investigation & Protection


Taking steps to protect intellectual property (IP) from loss or theft is critical, and when an IP incident occurs a quick and thoughtful response is crucial.

Augustus Hall Limited works closely with clients to protect intellectual property, including customer data, trade secrets, trademarks and patents. We help protect against piracy, counterfeiting, gray market diversion and misappropriation by former employees, business associates and third parties.

We often find that individuals involved in compromising a company’s IP are a combination of current or former employees/ representatives, competitors, trusted customers, distributors or vendors; therefore the security equation must encompass issues of operational security and a whole lot more. Each factor impacts one another and should not be looked at in isolation.

We handle the following listed below as it relates to IP Investigation & Protection such as:

  • Service of Cease & Desist Notices
  • IPR Attorney Services (via our affiliated Attorneys)
  • IPR Litigations Support Investigations
  • Market Surveys /Gray Market Investigations /Market Monitoring Services
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence
  • Law Enforcements Services (via related Government Agencies)
  • IPR Counterfeiting /Parallel Trade /Patent Infringement Investigations
  • IPR Sample /Test Purchases
  • Brand Integrity Audit Services
  • Trademark /Domain Name /Copyright /Design Purchases