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There are many other different types of Stakeholders that have a “stake” in your business. Many businesses do not only measure their Customers and Employees, they wish to cover more Stakeholder groups to provide a 360° view of their environment.

Using our existing statistical methodologies, we have developed measurement schemes to cover a range of other meaningful quality measures across a Client’s business. And, of course, it is normal to measure not only your own company, but also to compare with your competitors.

Examples of other types of Stakeholder Research we conduct include:

Supplier Commitment & Loyalty

With the increase in competition across the globe, how sure can a company be that their key suppliers will continue to trade with them and offer favourable terms. By better understanding your Suppliers and other Partners, your business can build a more solid base for the long-term future. We help our Clients retain the best suppliers and trade partners by conducting B2B research that will help identify opportunities for improved relations. And we can benchmark your own performance against best-in-class to identify where best to focus improved resource allocation.

Internal Department Efficiency

The ability to understand the efficiency and cooperation between internal departments has become very popular within large corporations. Personal issues, bureaucracy or poor communication and processes can lead to inefficiency and damage to a company’s bottom line. Conducting an objective and unbias survey among departments can easily highlight where improvements can be made and, more importantly, provides the hard evidence to back it up. Managers will thus be tasked to provide real improvement within the business environment through measurable reports.

Corporate Reputation

In today’s world, a good reputation among consumers for any corporation or brand has never been so important. Not all consumers may share the same view towards your company as your mission statement intends. Whilst a corporation may believe that it is helping to protect the environment, to assist local communities or to reduce climate change, the average consumer may have a very different view from those in the boardroom. And this may, in turn, affect the building of a great, long lasting brand name and image for your business. Our Corporate Reputation Manager research solution has been developed to address such an issue. Whilst value and service may be at the forefront of consumer minds, there are many other factors that will affect the long-term loyalty and positive word-of-mouth towards today’s business.

Investor & Shareholder Confidence

Volatility of markets and regular M&A have now become a key consideration for large companies. Lending institutions, portfolio managers, traders, private investors, etc now play an important role in the long-term future and direction of a business. It is now becoming more important for business leaders to have a better understanding of the opinions of these key Stakeholder groups and we have developed research solutions that can give clear and effective insight.