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Our Commercial Debt Collection


At Augustus Hall Limited, Our consultants are all Collections and Recovery Experts. Our team provides practical advice and solutions based on first-hand experience in all the collections related issues our clients are facing. We have extensive knowledge of all credit businesses and products.

We are not only a Nationwide (Nigeria) but an Africa all inclusive Debt Collection Agency, specializing in collecting Commercial and Consumer Debts, and our collection personnel are well trained, experienced, widely exposed and are also professionally trained and certified by the Institute of Credit Management, United Kingdom and also by the Institute of Credit Administration, Nigeria. We in several years have partnered and have taken part in several International Debt Collection/Recovery projects and currently still do to maximize National (Nigeria) and Africa based recoveries.

Augustus Hall Limited subscribes to an International Network of over 60 Credit Bureaus and networked with International Debt Collection/Recovery Agencies located in over 160 countries both in Africa and Worldwide.

Our network is composed of Credit Management/Control Practitioners, Lawyers, Chartered Bankers, Bad Debt Managers, Recovery Agents and Local Collection Agents who are well versed in dealing with business debt problems in Nigeria and Africa as a whole and, therefore, have experience in and a fundamental understanding of that vital difference.

We at Augustus Hall Limited and each affiliated organisation has a wide range of knowledge in Credit Management and Control, Credit Collections Practices, International Commercial Law and Procedure, as well as an understanding of local culture and practice-which is a core factor that we consider.

If you are an aid organisation, a trader or an individual business person who is owed money, there are certain general laws of physics which apply for example:

If you have spent 10% of the value of the debt and you are no closer to actual recovery, then it’s time to consider writing that debt off before you venture into the world of unwarranted, unjustified expense. Sometimes you might have entered into a bad deal or have gone into business with the wrong parties. But remember to be honest with us as this will help you, the creditor; because when you first get in touch with us, it will be you who knows the facts of your case. Not us. So please be sure to give us as much detail about the matter as possible. In particular:

  • The address of the debtor
  • Amount owed
  • Age of the debt
  • A copy of any invoices or contracts-supporting documents evidencing the contract or said debt
  • A copy of any emails or correspondence from the debtor where he/it reconfirms or undertakes to repay the debt. Sometimes these emails amount to an acknowledgement of debt by the debtor
  • Any issues which a debtor may use in order to avoid liability – e.g. that the goods arrived late, that the goods were of inferior quality or that the goods were of incorrect specifications. We need to know about these issues even if you contend they are not true

It is not advisable or profitable to use a local correspondent in West, Central, North and East Africa unless that correspondent is supervised or monitored closely. Which is why a core element of our business is our physical presence and visit at the debtor’s place of business and home working alongside those correspondents?

Our objective is to provide the most effective, cost efficient, prudent business solutions to these unusual Debt Recovery problems particularly in Nigeria and Africa in general. At Augustus Hall Limited, Recoveries Business in Africa is invariably conducted in a different manner from that in Europe & the USA due to Africa’s peculiar nature and business environment.