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Our Debt Collection Services Offers You


An All Inclusive Debt Collection Service
We do not only offer a debt collection service, we also trace the debtor free of charge and obtain a judgment in your favour with the assistance of a firm of attorneys.

No Collection – No Charge Policy
Through a policy of no collection, no charge, our clients are assured that they will only pay a fixed percentage commission on successful recoveries.

Attorney Forwarding For Legal Action
Our firm has partnered with some National (Nigeria) and Africa networks of law firms to provide comprehensive collection services when needed, providing you with the benefit of a full inclusive service at no extra cost, except in defended cases. We don’t just do debt collection, we take action.

No Legal Fees
We carry the risk. Options include non-litigation (no legal action is required) or pre-litigation (warning that legal action will be taken) letters/contact, as well as issuing the summons to the debtor. You pay us commission on successful collections only.

Specialised Consumer Service
Our staffs of Debt Collection Negotiators, Mediators, Conciliator or Arbitrators and Attorneys are capable of collecting and litigating your delinquent accounts both here in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Specialised Commercial Service
Our staffs are trained to deal with business to consumer or business to business transactions and we are able to establish directorship/membership of companies or close corporations. We get past the gatekeeper, identifying the decision maker, overcoming the objections and convince your customer it is in their best interest to settle the account (debt).

Same Day Service
On receipt of your instruction or placement a letter of demand is sent to the debtor notifying them of your hand over.

We “MAJORLY” Do Personal Visits
We offer our clients the assurance that where no contact between ourselves and the debtor is made we will appoint at our own expense professional field debt collectors to visit debtors.

Tracing Facilities
We have access to a database on absconded debtors and rehabilitated debtors and also able to do cross-referencing and matching all these and additional information is obtained from credit bureaus that we are affiliated with-were possible.

Efficient Mailing
We have an in-house mailing system that ensures fast and efficient letter runs to all debtors, mailing twice a day.

We as Credit Control Consultants are legally bound by ethics of our profession to adhere to a strict Code of Conduct of the Credit Management profession.

Telephone Calls & Letters Services
Letters are proven to be a low-cost method of generating payments that escalates the urgency of the debt.

Experienced Staff
Our experienced collectors have been through the collections wars and have collectively over 40 years experience. They have worked with all kinds of debtors. They have been through various Debt Negotiations, Mediations, Conciliations or Arbitrations, and Legal processes and have seen and experienced situations of all types.
Not sure of what actions to take? Is any action necessary? Augustus Hall Limited is here to offer assistance and guidance.