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Augustus Hall Limited is a team of experienced professionals who provide custom Business & Marketing Research in Nigeria.

Our experienced teams of market researchers help Clients to stay on track in the marketplace by providing professional, customised marketing research reports that are designed to provide strategic direction and market intelligence. By using our professional market research services, our Clients learn more about their markets and gain a better understanding of their Customers and other Stakeholder groups.

Our goal is to provide our Clients with quality insight to give them a Competitive edge in the market. And our clear but concise reporting and analysis produces results that enable companies to manage their business through better  measurement.

Our team of market research and analysis professionals has the relevant experience and knowledge to add real  insight into any business issue that our Clients may face.

At Augustus Hall Limited, we not only ask the right questions; we ask them in the right way!

We deliver seamless and comprehensive ad hoc and regular research projects that can be delivered as a full package or in components parts. You are buying our brains and extensive experience.

We do B2B and B2C.

We customize our projects to each client’s specific needs.

We cover both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

We provide Consultancy in various forms, from brainstorming to brand development.

Can also create research to work alongside your systems, with no need for integration (e.g. on customer satisfaction).

Our Attributes are as follows:

  • Experience, experience, experience!
  • Everyone who works with us has trained in research and another discipline.
  • Strong psychological insights.
  • We are top heavy, (and that’s not referring to our physique!)
  • We can also create research to work with the back office or alongside

Our Quantitative Research

Augustus Hall Limited leads quantitative research for brands across a range of Industries. Our core quantitative research capabilities include:

  • Message Development and Testing
  • Customer Targeting and Market Segmentation
  • Corporate Identity and Brand Positioning
  • Creative Development and Advertising Testing
  • Product Concept and Prototype Testing
  • Benchmarking and Tracking
  • Customer or Member Satisfaction
  • Market Sizing
  • Price-Point Research
  • Quick-Turnaround Pulse Polls

A Quality Team = Quality Results

Whether you’re a research professional or a marketing expert, we speak your language. Our staff is partially drawn from non-research fields, meaning that we understand how you’re using the data, and what you need to know to work more effectively.

“Our emphasis on quality ensures your quantitative survey is methodologically rigid and produces decision-grade, representative results. Whether fielding the survey online, by telephone, in-person, and Augustus Hall Limited’s quantitative research team strictly adheres to AAPOR guidelines and practices”…

Augustus Hall Limited Research is the preferred partner to numerous brands, organizations and agencies because:

  • Every project is led by a senior researcher.
  • We’re not only experienced and informed, but we’re actually fun to work with.
  • We take the time to understand all of your needs – from your objectives, to timelines, budget, and deliverables.
  • Our research deliverables are written with the entire audience in mind, and are as accessible to laypeople and non-research professionals as they are to market research experts.
  • Our research reports always include strategic recommendations that you can take directly to market.
  • We provide ongoing support for the life of your research data. In fact, we encourage you to come to us with additional questions and follow-up requests.




Custom Deliverables for Decision Makers

We don’t believe in templated results. Our quantitative research deliverables are designed to be useful for C-level employees down to the marketing team. Through customized deliverables and in-person or virtual results presentations, our job isn’t done until all key stakeholders see the utility of the research and how it applies to their day-to-day responsibilities.

“Therefore, Augustus Hall Limited’s quantitative research reports include specific sections for the executive team, the marketing and sales teams (when applicable) and for the research team. All quantitative research projects also include standard deliverables like cross-tabulated banner reports that show results by key demographic and psychographic audiences”…

Our Qualitative Research

Augustus Hall Limited conducts qualitative research throughout the NIGERIA. Augustus Hall Limited has unique tools in our qualitative research approaches. Whether it’s conducting enhanced qualitative sessions with live-response feedback dials, traditional focus groups, in-person interviews or a handful of other methods, Augustus Hall Limited Research takes a custom approach to every project.

Our Quanlitative Research

Augustus Hall Limited conducts qualitative research throughout the NIGERIA. Augustus Hall Limited has unique tools in our qualitative research approaches. Whether it’s conducting enhanced qualitative sessions with live-response feedback dials, traditional focus groups, in-person interviews or a handful of other methods, Augustus Hall Limited Research takes a custom approach to every project.

Enhanced Qualitative Sessions

Augustus Hall Limited’s enhanced qualitative sessions use proprietary technology to defeat groupthink. Augustus Hall Limited conducts enhanced qualitative sessions to control for groupthink dynamics that typically arise during traditional discussions. Our technology collects opinions that serve as the basis for follow-up discussions.

“It allows us to uncover why an attitude or impression is prevailing, and to direct discussion accordingly. This approach is the ideal qualitative method for discussing and exploring brand perceptions or product reactions”…

Focus Groups

We have recruited and moderated focus groups. Whether you’re interested in examining attitudes among teens or seniors, video gamers or business travelers, etc., Augustus Hall Limited Research focus groups offer a valuable way to explore attitudes among your brand or organization’s key audiences.

In-Depth Interviews

Our team uses in-depth interviews (IDIs) to understand the underlying emotional drivers that influence decision making. We tailor the interview settings – one-on-one, as well as groups of two or three respondents – to suit your research objectives. IDIs are an effective way to conduct thorough interviews that explore what drives consumers or constituents to prefer one option over another.

Our Research Areas of Expertise

Our in-house data collection capabilities offer significant quality control capabilities. We also take full advantage of our software package, which helps to ensure that the questionnaires are being executed correctly. Our software interviewing guarantees that skips and rotations are followed precisely and interviewer error rates decrease. Printing of questionnaires is eliminated, as is the need for data entry. Our software allows for timely reports and updates, (including real-time reporting).

“We provide a practical approach to market research at competitive pricing, while offering the capacity for quick turnaround of large studies and the best customer service”…

We specialize in the following research areas:


Our medical interviewers are Elite Interviewers who have at least one year of experience with a background in Pharma. They are trained on interviewing all types of healthcare workers, from Medical and Pharmacy Directors to nurses and lab technicians, as well as patients with specific ailments, their caretakers, and general consumers.

The following are some of the healthcare facilities and organizations in which Augustus Hall Limited has had extensive experience:

  • Hospitals (small, medium and large)
  • Pharmacies (retail and independent)
  • Offices (Private practice or hospital based)
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Clinics and Laboratories
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Insurance Organizations (medical, dental & vision)
  • Government Healthcare
  • Medical Associations

Industrial Research

Due to our vast client base, we have developed the research ability to serve the needs and specifications of various industries. These include but are not limited to:

  • Advertising
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Computer/Internet Technology
  • Consumer Products
  • Financial Services
  • Food/Beverage Services
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceutical
  • Legal/Law
  • Media
  • Education
  • Human Resources
  • Non-Profit
  • Public Relations
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel, Hospitality and Leisure
  • Utilities

Consumer Market Research

Augustus Hall Limited’s experience on all levels of the research process can assist you in every step of the way – from proposal writing through to final results presentations. The following are some of the areas where we also assist clients:

  • Proposal writing from a Client Brief
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Checking Flow and Logic of Questionnaires
  • Group discussion / Immersion guide design
  • Translation of Questionnaires
  • Analysis of Quantitative Results
  • Analysis of Transcripts
  • PowerPoint Presentations of Results
  • Updating Quantitative Tracking results in PowerPoint
  • Competitive Price Checks

Through our network of associates we can assist with the following nationwide:

  • Group Discussions
  • Immersions/Ethnography
  • Price Checks
  • Activations
  • Online Research
  • Small Projects requiring “Face-To-Face” interviewing

Our fees for these services range are very customizable, depending on the level and complexity of assistance required.

Contact Us for more details

Business –To –Business Research

We are experienced in all types of B2B & Industrial Research projects from;

  • Market Size & Share
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Customer & Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Project Management
  • Industry Overviews

Aside from outbound dialing, Augustus Hall Limited features dedicated toll-free inbound lines for Business-to-Business studies. This allows calls to be instantaneously transferred to one of our Elite interviewers, increasing cooperation rates by more than 50%.

Some of the most common respondents include:

  • Company Presidents/Owners
  • C-level Management
  • Mid to Upper-Level Management, including VPs, Department Heads and Directors
  • IT/IS Professionals
  • Office Managers / Decision Makers
  • Farmers
  • Brokers
  • HR
  • Lawyers
  • Librarians
  • Sales Agents

Our Elite Interviewers, with over 1 year of Executive level experience, conduct interviews with Owners and C-level management, Department Heads, Directors, IT professionals and Non-Management Positions.

Our fees for these services are very customizable, depending on the level and complexity of assistance required.

Contact Us for more details

Desk Research

Quite often clients want to “know a bit about the market”, but “we don’t have budget for a formal market feasibility or size and share project”.

Although desk research won’t be as accurate as formal research, it can still provide some of the answers. We provide:

  • Online Desk Research – we will scan the net for information in your area of interest, which will help you make more informed decisions. Our fees for this service ranges depending on the detail and complexity required.
  • Comprehensive Desk Research – as per online desk research, however some follow-up telephonic and/or face to face discussions with information sources can be conducted. These discussions/ interviews are sometimes done by our Senior Researchers.

Contact Us for more details

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is best performed as a continuous in-house process; however parts of this can be outsourced:

  • Strategic Knowledge & Information Audits
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Monthly Intelligence Briefs
  • Quarterly Trend Reports and Projections
  • Ad-hoc Benchmarking

On occasion companies also need assistance setting up a Competitive Intelligence function and for this it may be necessary for someone to be on-site for a few weeks / months.

Our fees for these services are customized for each client. Contact Us for more details.

Data Collection

All aspects of your project will be performed by Augustus Hall Limited in house. Our professional project staff, data processors, programmers, monitors, editors and coders are well experienced. This ensures that your project will be carried out as planned, on schedule and guarantees the integrity of your data.

Augustus Hall Limited is experienced in all methods of Data Collection. These methodologies include: Phone | Web | IVR | In-Person | Mail

Project Development

Augustus Hall Limited prides itself on thoughtful, creative research design. We can provide you with some examples related to your industry and will discuss other options with you. More generally, we:

  • Ensure a clear understanding of what decisions the research will contribute to and how. For example, often, the market for a product or service is ill defined. We take the time and effort to work through a precise definition with our client. This results in a research design that not only defines the market more precisely but also meets all other project specific goals.
  • Select the right method or mix of methods necessary to meet your needs.
  • Work with you to obtain the most productive and cost efficient sample methodology.

Specific Development Areas Include: Qualitative | Questionnaire Development |Sampling/Sample Management

Online Hosting

Respondents have completed thousands of surveys which have been hosted by Augustus Hall Limited.

Augustus Hall Limited offers clients various combinations of programming and hosting. We can program and host your study, or convert your existing phone study over to a web based one, with minimal reprogramming needed.

Whether we survey by phone, use a client email list or use a third party panel, Augustus Hall Limited handles:

  • Survey Hosting
  • Testing
  • Sample Management
  • Survey Invites
  • Invitation Tracking
  • Reminder Invites
  • Incentive Fulfillment

Data Processing

A partnership with Augustus Hall Limited means that any and all of your data processing needs can be accomplished. Our team will work on your project from beginning to end, ensuring quality data and accurate tabulations.

If tabulations are required, our staff can pre-build various questions and category nets into the program, streamlining the DP process.

The data processing team at Augustus Hall Limited utilizes state of the art software packages and can meet even your toughest requirements.

Data Processing Services include: Coding/Editing | Programming | Tables/CrossTabs/Toplines

Reporting & Analysis

Augustus Hall Limited can provide you and your Clients with all the statistical information needed.

Some of our software’s features include:

  • Response Rankings
  • Mean, Median, Standard Error, Standard Deviation
  • Weighted and un-Weighted Values on the same page
  • Filtered Questions
  • Significance Testing at a 95% rate (other % can easily be used)
  • All Possible Pairs Comparison

We also offer reporting capabilities on numerous levels to meet your all needs. These capabilities include:

  • Report Writing
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Discreet Choice