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Our Corporate Identity


At Augustus Hall, we understand clearly that creativity in meeting new and unforeseen challenges is necessary to keep an enterprise on a path of sustainable growth. Our Trades and Business Development services deploys a multi-disciplinary approach beyond just “a sale to a customer”. A detailed strategy in a desirable way is frequently necessary, which may involve: Marketing, Capture Management, Strategy, Legal, Financial, and other Non-financial set skills.

Our Trades and Business Development services which caters for our local and international clienteles covers:

  • Assessment of market opportunities,
  • Assessment of target markets,
  • Competitive Intelligence gathering,
  • International Corporate Expansions,
  • Joint Ventures,
  • Seminars, Trainings and Workshops management solutions,
  • Resident Agent Services,
  • Asset Protection/Inspections Services,
  • Product Licensing,
  • Generating leads for possible sales,
  • Statutory Services,
  • Management and Business Consulting Solutions,
  • Para-Legal and Legal Services,
  • Creation and enforcement of sales policies and processes,
  • Follow-up on sales activity,
  • Formal Proposal Writing,
  • Formal Proposal Presentation,
  • Formal Proposal Management,
  • Trade Representations,
  • Creating and managing strategic relationships,
  • Creating and managing alliances with other,
  • Creating and managing third party companies,
  • Integrated Research and Analysis.

We also manage and see to Contracts and Services Agreements between customer and supplier. Trading contracts are called many different things; including: supply agreements, service agreements, services agreements, management contracts, service contracts, trading agreements, supply contracts, details of supply, details of services, schedule of services, services schedules, and just about any other permutation of these words that you care to construct.

What matters is not what the contract is called – it is what the contract contains, and how the contents are worded, that count most. This is why for large important contracts, which carry significant legal responsibilities and potential liabilities, it is sensible to involve our credit risk management expert and attorneys in producing the contractual documents.

At Augustus Hall, our service contracts and supply agreements are used for all manner of trading and commercial arrangements and relationships, for example:

  • Provision of services from one organisation to another
  • Provision of services from an organisation to a private consumer
  • Management of services by an organisation or provider on behalf of a client organisation
  • Direct contracting of services
  • Sub-contracting of services
  • Licensing arrangements between two organisations or bodies
  • Franchising arrangements between a franchisor and franchisee or franchisees
  • Rental supply of products and/or services by a services provider to clients, either corporations or private individuals
  • Provision of equipment in conjunction with leasing or other financing arrangements
  • And many other types of supply agreements and commercial trading arrangements

Trading and supply arrangements of these sorts apply in all industry sectors, and can involve any type of service or product supply.