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What We Do in Our Commercial Debt Collection


Business in Africa is invariably conducted in a different manner from that in Europe & the USA.

Debt recovery is therefore not as simple in these difficult countries as the normal commercial and court infrastructures are not in place to assist the creditors.

Our network is composed of credit management/control practitioners, lawyers, bankers, recovery agents and businessmen who are well versed in dealing with business bad debt problems in Nigeria and Africa and, therefore, have experience in and a fundamental understanding of that vital difference

How We Do It

At Augustus Hall Limited, Our team visits the debtor in the state or country where the debtor is located. In cases where our powers of persuasion are inadequate, we would then proceed by using legal means like attachment orders to obtain payment.

We have established our own network of proven Credit Collection Practitioners, Bad Debt Managers, Recovery Agents and Legal Correspondents (i.e.: attorneys, bailiffs and huissiers de justice) throughout Nigeria and the African continent who we instruct personally.

By this we mean that we are personally/physically on the spot to assist the correspondents in achieving our goal which is the recovery of money or the attachment of assets.

We don’t break peoples’ legs to achieve our goals. In fact we have often observed that if the debtor repays all or even part of the debt, then the debtor /creditor relationship becomes re-established albeit on different terms. However, the debtor no longer has to try and buy goods from your competitors anymore. Therefore the debtor will often continue buying from you in cash instead of on credit – as before.